Low / No event

If there's a tsunami event, it's important to evacuate if you're in an area at risk  

But how will you know if you're in one of those areas? We've got tsunami modelling data and maps that  can help. Check them out at waikatoregion.govt.nz/tsunamihazard/

>> Click here to see your tsunami evac zone

Go to our map and see which areas in Coromandel could be flooded after a tsunami

Don't just check your home. Check other places you and your family go.

If you're not in a susceptible area, you may not have to evacuate if there is a tsunami alert to evacuate all coastal communities. BUT.....if there's any doubt, remember “long, strong, gone”.

If you feel an earthquake that rolls for more than a minute OR makes it hard to stand up, don’t wait for a tsunami warning. Move to high ground or as far inland as you can.

Walk if you can.

Stay there until you get the all clear.   

Download the Red Cross Hazards app

Get emergency alerts. Send I AM SAFE messages for friends and family. Monitor up to five locations (such as the home, the bach and the kids at uni). Step-by-step guides to assembling emergency survival items, making a getaway kit and creating a household emergency plan. Pre-loaded guides in case you lose mobile coverage.

And because it's just that cool, the app has a disaster toolkit including a torch, audible alarm and a strobe light (Yeah baby, bring on the 80s dance music).

Download the app free from the App Store or Google Play store on your smart phone.

Emergency information can also be found on this website,  Facebook, Twitter. and your local radio station.

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