Climate change

GlobeNormal climate changes are being affected by a gradual increase in the levels of greenhouse gases around the earth’s atmosphere. This could see a rise in sea levels and changes in climate patterns, increasing the number of storms, rain, coastal flooding and erosion in the region.

Waikato's climate

The Waikato region tends to have warm, humid summers and mild winters, with prevailing west and south-west winds from the Tasman Sea.

While no part of the region is more than 80 km from the sea, extreme hot and cold temperatures can occur in some sheltered and elevated areas inland.

Our average rainfall is 1,250 mm, however, rain is heavier in Coromandel Peninsula, Waitomo/Kawhia and the alpine area of Tongariro National Park. Rainfall is less in the lower Waikato lowlands, Hauraki Plains, Taupo behind the Hauhungaroa Range, and Reporoa Valley behind the Paeroa Range.