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Published: 2018-03-11 09:00:00

Ex-tropical Cyclone Hola is expected to start making its presence felt in the Coromandel before dawn tomorrow (Monday).

Warnings of high winds and heavy rain have been issued for the Coromandel on Monday, and the Taupo Civil Defence team is liaising with the Department of Conservation about potential gale force winds across areas like the Tongariro Crossing.

Large waves are also predicted along the Eastern Coromandel coinciding with high tide in the afternoon, so precaution is therefore recommended with possible overtopping/inundation along exposed low-lying coastal areas

Waikato Civil Defence Group is monitoring the incoming weather and has been coordinating with emergency services, local councils and power line networks. PowerCo has teams in the Coromandel ready to coordinate any possible damage assessments and restoration.

There are no concerns for the West Coast at this time but we will reassess tonight and again tomorrow morning.

While the general feeling is that the impacts for the Waikato Region will not be significant, these large weather systems are very changeable so please keep up to date with our regional floodroom information at: https://www.waikatoregion.govt.nz/services/regional-services/regional-hazards-and-emergency-management/flood-room/events/